Ricardo Bacelar


“The set gets going with two tunes that take me back to my junior high school jazz ensemble days in the 1970s”. Jon Nobel



Tasty stuff fusion fans are sure to enjoy, his "Birdland" is irresistible and it gets better from there. Well done.” Chis Spector


"The overall feel is on the smooth side of the jazz spectrum with Bacelar taking center stage for most of the melodies.”
Oscar Groomes



“Concerto para Moviola is a rhythmically-rich gem of a recording, an impressive concert led by an equally impressive pianist paying tribute to music of the past, with a touch of class”. Edward Blanco



"The result is an excellent mix of classics composed by giants of the international fusion jazz scene and Bacelar’s own inspired compositions”.


“Jazz Lovers will hear some familar tunes as one has never heard them before. Listeners will be instantly aware of Bacelar's skill as a pianist as he flows through these tracks making them feel as fresh as when they were new”. Malvin Massey 


“Concerto para Moviola” showcases Bacelar’s deep fascination with fusion from that era, as he is heard on a blend of analog synthesizers, Brazilian music, and acoustic piano with his band that included guitar, saxophones and flute, violin along with a rhythm section and percussion”. Ron Weinstock



"It proves to be a functional introduction to some great tunes as done by an octet of professionals.” Mike Greenblatt



"Concerto para Moviola documents the inspired musicians’ presentation, their strong approach to unusual themes, and their style of re-creating in a live performance fresh-sounding takes on classic popular fusion songs and standards, showcasing the characteristic freedom of jazz”. Grady Harp


“Nel complesso un bel disco che riesce a riprodurre con fedeltà l’atmosfera live e l’entusiasmo di musicisti e pubblico.”  



His piano is rooted in traditional jazz, but he likes to add South American flavors



Egy igazán sokrét? albummal lepte meg a hallgatóságot a brazil zongorista, Ricardo Bacelar



Ricardo Bacelar has composed four tunes on this jazz fusion adventure and offers us a very enjoyable hour-plus of fine, well-executed music.



I give Ricardo and all his players a most highly recommended, with "EQ" (energy quotienratin) of 4.98 for this grand excursion into fusion jazz - it's certanly among the most powerful performances i've in 2016.